XML REST Web Services testing added to our Continuous Integration Framework

April 26, 2010

Openbravo ERP REST consists of a framework offering security and exception services and a data access REST web service implementation. The data access (DAL) REST web services provide a CRUD-like web service so that external applications can retrieve, update, create and delete business objects through standard HTTP requests.

From now on we’ll be testing these web services in our build farm: http://builds.openbravo.com/job/erp_devel_int-webservice-check.

This test will check that the XML Rest Web Services work as expected, and that its functionalities are not broken by any commit.

More information about XML Rest Web services: http://wiki.openbravo.com/wiki/ERP/2.50/Developers_Guide/Concepts/XML_REST_Web_Services.


2 Responses to “XML REST Web Services testing added to our Continuous Integration Framework”

  1. dayer Says:

    Hi Gorka!

    Congratulations for REST WS! But then I do not know what is the advantage of making a new REST WS for Openbravo, as the Openbravo wiki describes, if it already has one done. At the moment I am following the tutorial from http://mtopenbravo.blogspot.com/2009/02/openbravo-250-rest-webservices.html and I can access all the data that I need to make a sales web page.
    For my case is it better create a new REST WS?

    Best regards.

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